How to change tags or title of a folder

The Problem

I have a service which processes files sent in by suppliers and stores them in a folder structure which starts with the supplier’s Id in the system.

I wanted to have an extra column in explorer to show the name of the supplier so that I wouldn’t have to waste time looking it up every time I needed it. So I found a really simple way to make explorer show the information I wanted.

The solution

Inside each folder create a file called desktop.ini, with the following contents. To change the title use prop2 and change “Folder Title” with the actual title. To change the tags use prop5 and change “Folder Tags” with the tags:

You might want to make it hidden and system so you don’t see it. To do that navigate to the folder in the command prompt and type attrib +h +s desktop.ini. Also it says here the folder itself should be read-only, although on my system (Windows 10) it was not necessary.

Now in the root folder, right click the column headers and choose Title or Tags. You will get something like this:

folder title

See Filtering Well-Known Properties for other properties you can change.